Soft Leaf Buffalo

Soft Leaf Buffalo
  • $10.50

Matilda soft leaf buffalo turf has an outstanding summer and winter colour, Softness, Drought Tolerance and wear resistance, as well as being salt tolerant and disease resistant.

A recent research study conducted by HAL demonstrated that under rigorous testing Matilda soft leaf Buffalo was one of the most consistent top performing instant turf varieties.

Matilda’s texture is so soft to touch and walk on you will never want to wear shoes when you have Matilda instant turf in your front & back yard. Matilda brings the indoors outdoors, as its lush soft surface is an inviting play area and entertaining area for both adults and children. Gone are the days of a buffalo Lawn that is harsh and hard to walk on without shoes.

Matilda has an outstanding Summer and Winter Colour, Softness, Drought Tolerance and Wear Resistance, as well as being Salt Tolerant and Disease Resistant. All these qualities combine to make Matilda an excellent choice when considering a new lawn for children’s play areas, pets, the office, park and council areas.

Wear tests and Disease Resistance tests put Matilda soft leaf Buffalo forward as a clear winner, while in other tested areas such as drought and shade tolerance Matilda held it’s ground and put in a good performance.

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